RHC - Heritage

RHC Family Reunion theme is “Embracing Family and Friends”. Embracing one another, our heritage, accomplishments and our family and friends as we move towards the future!

During the time when the Western African Coast and the West Indies Islands were being ravaged by European nations and colonial North America to secure cheap labor for building the fortunes of newly settled immigrants in the colonies of the emerging United States of America, Daniel Ross was stolen away from his family in the West Indies and brought to colonial North America.

Daniel was purchased at an early age by a white colonist from North Carolina named Paul Cameron. Paul Cameron was the son of Duncan Cameron (1776-1853) who had settled in Hillsboro, North Carolina in 1797.

Duncan Cameron served as a superior court judge and headed the State Bank of North Carolina for twenty years. By the time of his death in 1853 he was one of North Carolina's wealthiest citizens (Gutman, p.574).

It is reported that "Judge Duncan Cammon(Cameron) was a very rich man who lived in Raleigh, North Carolina and owned a plantation. He used to carry a large cane and if he met a negro on the road, and he did not raise his hat or hand to him, he would beat him with his cane" (Blassingame, p. 135).

Duncan Cameron owned several plantations in North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. Paul Carrington Cameron (1808-1891) managed his father's several estates and 1,900 slaves and also served in the North Carolina legislature in 1850. Paul Cameron came to own at least 30,000 acres of land.